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I haven't done one of these in forever!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 19, 2012, 10:34 PM
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Brokenhearted - Karmin
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: Left 4 Dead 2
  • Eating: Cheese Ravioli w/ Mushroom Alfredo and Shrimp
  • Drinking: Kinky and Orange

1: Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
- Closed, so my cat Jarvis doesn't get all up in my clothes and get kitty hair on them

2: Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
- No, my hair needs better shampoo than that

3: Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?
- I'll be lucky to wake up with my comforter facing the right way...

4: Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
- No

5: Do you like to use post-it notes?
- Eh, for study notes in books

6: Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?
- Yes

7: Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees?
- I'd rather get mauled by a bear since I'm allergic to bee stings

8: Do you have freckles?
- No

9: Do you always smile for pictures?
- With no teeth exposed, yes, because I have an open bite that makes me look like a tard

10: What is your biggest pet peeve?
- People who don't use common sense (I work at Applebee's; enough said)

11: Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
- No

12: Have you ever peed in the woods?
- Yes, while hunting, though I try to hold it since its a bitch to get out of the layers of clothing to do so

13: What about pooped in the woods?
- Ew, no

14: Do you ever dance even if theres no music playing?
- I have to have music, I need a rhythm

15: Do you chew your pens and pencils?
- I put them in my mouth but no chewing really

16: How many people have you slept with this week?
- None, but my fiance is home for the holidays *winkwink*

17: What size is your bed?
- Queen

18: What is your Song of the week?
- Finale by Madeon (PASBR Menu Theme... BATTLE ROYALE!…)

19: Is it okay for guys to wear pink?
- Guys can wear what ever they want I guess, who am I to judge?

20: Do you still watch cartoons?
- I think the last cartoon series I followed was Family Guy and South Park... I don't have TV

21: Whats your least favorite movie?
- Human Centipede.. and I've never even seen it

22: Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
- Probably in my computer tower

23: If you're a girl, bra size? If you're a guy, pants size?
- 36D? Thats a tad small for me though, what is the next size up, because 38D doesn't fit right :\

24: What do you dip a chicken nugget in?
- Fuck that, I eat them plain because the only time I get McNuggets is when I'm about to board a plane

25: What is your favorite food?
- Steak with Shrimp and Parm Top (yes, from Applebee's... its the shit)

26: What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
- Jurassic Park

27: Last person you kissed/kissed you?
- Depends what kind of kiss; An actual kiss I got from my darling fiance, but then I got a quick kiss on the forehead from our bartender at work while we were all drinking at karaoke night

28: Were you ever a boy/girl scout?
- Yes, I believe I was only there for the cookies

29: Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
- Probably not

30: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
- I wrote on a Christmas card to my dear and wonderful friend Jax who just had surgery for a tumor that he successfully got removed today!

31: Can you change the oil on a car?
- I did once; instantly forgot what to do

32: Ever gotten a speeding ticket?
- Yes, two of them

33: Ever ran out of gas?
- Twice; the first time my boss came and picked me up and the second I actually managed to roll all the way down the downhill road to the gas station

34: Favorite kind of sandwich?
- Club with ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and bbq

35: Best thing to eat for breakfast?
- Breakfast sandwich!

36: What is your usual bedtime?
- 3-4am

37: Are you lazy?
- Pretty much

38: When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?
- A pirate

39: What is your Chinese astrological sign?
- The Horse

40: Are you horny?
- Well, that escalated quickly. Lolno

41: Do you have any magazine subscriptions?
- Not currently

42: Which are better legos or lincoln logs?
- Legos.

43: Are you stubborn?
- I can be

44: Who is better...Leno or Letterman?
- Letterman

45: Ever watch soap operas?
- No; lack of cable

46: Are you afraid of heights?
- I get nauseated when looking down, yes

47: Do you sing in the car?
- All the time

48: Do you sing in the shower?
- Yes

49: Do you dance in the car?
- With my best friend Sara, yes lol

50: Ever used a gun?
- Yes

51: Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
- I much rather like to be behind the camera

52: Do you think musicals are cheesy?
- I love musicals; I'm currently on a Moulin Rouge kick

53: Is Christmas stressful?
- This year it isn't really, just a lot of time management

54: Ever eat a pierogi?
- Yes, I have some in my freezer

55: Favorite type of fruit pie?
- Apple?

56: Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
- Veterinarian

57: Do you believe in ghosts?
- In a sense; I usually don't remember dreams, but I've dreamed of every single pet that I've had pass from me

58: Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
- Yes

59: Take a vitamin daily?
- No

60: Wear slippers?
- Yes, my fiance got me a pair that I absolutely love

61: Wear a bath robe?
- No, but I want one

62: What do you wear to bed?
- Tank top and PJ pants, or no pants if its hot but my room is usually cold

63: First concert?
- Trans-Siberian Orchestra

64: Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart?
- Walmart

65: Nike or Adidas?
- Nike

66: Cheetos Or Fritos?
- Fritos

67: Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?
- Sunflower Seeds

68: Ever hear of the group Tres Bien?
- Nope

69: Ever take dance lessons?
- No, but my fiance is going to teach me some steps when I see him <3

70: Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?
- I've always pictured him being a chef, but its just so hard to tell because he's in the army and doesn't have another profession

71: Can you curl your tongue?
- I think so? Depends how much I guess

72: Ever won a spelling bee?
- Maybe, I have no recollection

73: Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
- Yes; my faith in humanity was restored one night at work when a table was giving me a terrible time, and the people sitting in the booth next to them (not even mine) gave me $20 and said I don't get paid enough to deal with people. I cried like a baby.

74: Own any record albums?

75: Own a record player?
- Used to

76: Regularly burn incense?
- No

77: Ever been in love?
- I am in love <3

78: Who would you like to see in concert?
- Brad Paisley

79: What was the last concert you saw?
- Hmm... I really don't remember

80: Hot tea or cold tea?
- Hot tea

81: Tea or coffee?
- Tea

82: Sugar or snickerdoodles?
- Snickerdoodles

83: Can you swim well?
- Eh

84: Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?
- No

85: Are you patient?
- With some things more than others

86: DJ or band, at a wedding?
- DJ, easier to do a wide selection of songs

87: Ever won a contest?
- Yes

88: Ever have plastic surgery?
- No

89: Which are better black or green olives?
- Black

90: Can you knit or crochet?
- No, my sister can though

91: Best room for a fireplace?
- Living room/den

92: Do you want to get married?
- Of course!

93: If married, how long have you been married?
- Well, I've been engaged for two years now (army life)

94: Who was your HS crush?
- TD, I encountered temporary insanity around that boy

95: Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way?
- No, I'd get bitched slapped

96: Do you have kids?
- No

97: Do you want kids?
- Eventually; I need to grow up myself. I am only 22 and am enjoying my youth still

98: Whats your favorite color?
- Red

99: Do you miss anyone right now?
- I miss Matthew, but I get to see him on Friday before work <3 I also miss Taylor too

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